How to Download Python 3 On Windows Without any Incorrect Version

How to Download Python 3 On Windows Without any Incorrect Version

Python tutorials by shriekdj Series

Apr 14, 2022ยท

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So This is Start of the Series Python tutorials by shriekdj.

So Most of the Time this process is very simple to follow just go to website click download button to get python.

but there may be some problems occure in this process.

Direct Method of Downloading Python From there Website

As per my case I was.trying to install python3 on my college computer which had Windows 10 Educational On It and gone to's download page which looks like below. python download page.png

Here I Just clicked download button and try to install EXE but it was not able to download.

The reason was that my college computer was 64-Bit the download button is configured for 32-bit Version.

Now Even if the that exe was 32 bit it should be run on 64-bit but still the errors are there. then actual location of the python 64 bit exe was at given address in below image.

Location for python download exe for 64 bit

After this the process of installing it same as all other apps just Click agree, continue and next whatever available and Be Aware to Select an Checkbox Name Add to Path as checked.

Because it helps you run python code from anywhere in the system from command line also, Otherwise you will have issues for running python programs.

Like if you want to run file named then the command python will not work you have to specify your python.exe location with the command like given below.

# Command If python is added to PATH
# or 

# Command if python is not added to PATH

C:\python/bin/python.exe ./

And Obviously you don't want to something like that

Be Aware of the Current Latest Python Versions are Python3.8, Python3.9 and Python3.10 And Does Not Bing Released for deprecated os Windows 7 and Below.

But You Can Build the Python From There GitHub Repo By Reading there Installation docs, Given Below is GitHub Repo of Cpython.

Downloading Python From Windows App Store

It is the easiest way to download and install python from there own app store which available for free to download.

Just be aware to install Python3 not Python2.

I Will Suggest Installing Other Terminal like Windows Terminal or Git Bash Shell which are easy to use and less error prone.

for example the built-in command-line tools are to non user friendly for programmer and I am Saying from my experience.

Installing Python From Packages Managers Built for Windows Operating System

Now In This decade some devs out there builted some package managers for windows operating system which is similar to linux or mac os command-line package manager.

Some of them are given below

  • Chocolatey Package Manager : The Third Party Package Manager. You Can also install things like Visual C Runtime, Python, NodeJS and Many More.
  • Winget Package Manager by Microsoft : So this is an Package Manager build by Microsoft themselves, I do not have any Experience with using it but you can try and give your opinions in comments and also the link is of github repo not download link.

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