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How to Start writing Python 3 Program

How to Start writing Python 3 Program

Python tutorials by shriekdj Series

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·Apr 15, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Hello World Program in Python Terminal
  • Hello World Program In Python File

Now this post is about how you can write programs in python 3 programming language.

The Information will be provided in this with an Hello World Program In Python.

Hello World Program in Python Terminal

To Start an Python Terminal You Can Just Open python.exe from start menu of windows or just write python in Command Line Shell Like Command-prompt, Powershell, Git Bash or Terminal of Microsoft Windows Operating System.

For Linux or Mac OS the Command Is Same but sometime they comes with python2 installed already so for correct python running try python3 command instead of python if it does not work.

Given Below is Program we are gonna write print("Hello World") for displaying Hello World.

$ python
Python 3.10 (default, June 4 2019, 09:25:04)
[GCC 4.8.2] on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>>print("Hello World")

Hello World

Unlike othet language it does not need any semicolon at last and neither the main function is mandatory everywhere.

Hello World Program In Python File

For Running python Program from File just create an text file named with python program in it, Here we will write print("Hello World") In It.

and for running the program just run given below commands.

$ python
Hello World

There are some additional configuration for file also like for making the python program file as executable and able to run under Operating Systems Like Mac OS We Can Do Below Steps.

By Default the python encodes the Python Text files in utf-8 encoding which you can change if wanted just add # -*- coding: encoding_name -*- at start of file and also need to add an Unix shebang line (#!/usr/bin/env python3.9) before that for running as executable python script if any issue occurred.

Like New file Will Look Like Below

#!/usr/bin/env python3.9
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
print("Hello World")

and also before running the file change permissions of file with commands chmod +x

I Know I Maybe Wrote too Much thing for an Hello World Program of Python But Most of the Given Details I Found on

Thanks for reading until here.

Bye 👋.

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