Random Ideas for Front-end Projects In HTML, CSS and JS by shriekdj

Random Ideas for Front-end Projects In HTML, CSS and JS by shriekdj

Mar 24, 2022ยท

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These Are My Random Suggestions which I am also planning to do, maybe some this project ideas help you or not for Creating under frontend Using HTML, CSS and JS ( JavaScript)

Note : All Ideas Are random ideas of me (shriekdj) and I did not make them as what is best or not choose whatever you like and also add links of them in comments

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I am On GitHub shriekdj and on Twitter shriekdj

  1. Product Landing Page
  2. Color Flipper
  3. Infinite Scroller (Similar to Facebook without any end or youtube mobile)
  4. Personal Portfolio Web Page
  5. Documentation of Some Technical Product or Software
  6. Admin Dashboard Design
  7. Music Player Site (Like Spotify)
  8. Video Player Site
  9. GitHub's Mermaid Project Integration
  10. Blog
  11. How to survive in Aliens Attack Webpage
  12. Beautiful Contact Form
  13. Comic Book Advertisement On Website
  14. School Website
  15. File Manager Like Website
  16. Random Name Generator
  17. Coin Flipper
  18. Dog Flipper
  19. Custom Twitter Embed
  20. Contact Us Form
  21. About Us Form
  22. Medical Advertisement
  23. Hospital or Clinic Website or Webpage
  24. Tuition Classes Advertisement
  25. Product Pros and Cons Type Site
  26. Wikipedia Similar Site ( but with more CSS )
  27. What is Current Time and Date In Country ( You Are Allowed to use any API )
  28. An Page for Paying Someone Like PayPal have paypal.me link
  29. JavaScript Calculator
  30. Privacy Policy Page
  31. Cockie Consent Policy
  32. Terms and Conditions
  33. API Documentation
  34. What Is Site Status or An Server Status
  35. What is My IP Address
  36. Shop Site or E-commerce Site
  37. Page With Topic "My Annoying Neighbor and His Family"
  38. Page With Topic "My Life as A Fan Of Marvel or DC"
  39. Page With Topic "Monk With Dragon Tattoo"
  40. Animated Time-lapse site of some plant, place or person
  41. Check are you Colorblind Type Sites
  42. Page With Topic "Haunted House from an Ant's Point of View"
  43. Tinder Like Page Swipe ( Use of API Allowed )
  44. TikTok Like Homepage
  45. Instagram Like Homepage
  46. How Will Instagram and Facebook Look if Merged In One Site Like Instabook
  47. Sudoku Solver
  48. Weather Temperature Now
  49. Email Dashboard
  50. Site Like Sticky Notes With Unique URL ( Concept is Site With Twitter Like Embed With Text Limit and We can Make that link public or not published )

If Someone Wants to Did i Completed any project Above You Can At my GitHub Profile

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