Replit Was Unable to Build the Virtual Environment for Python Project

Replit Was Unable to Build the Virtual Environment for Python Project


Mar 29, 2022ยท

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Replit Was Unable to Build the Virtual Environment for Python Project or the Project Not Giving Results As We Expected.

This Issue Can also happened to Other Online IDEs Also Like Glitch.


Most Online IDE Already Use Virtual Environment By default already. even if you create an virtual environment with python -m venv venv it will not gonna run again in next run like next day and all packages install with pip install -- needs to install again.

The venv by python -m venv venv for replit is not efficient.

First Solution

Replit uses Poetry Virtual Environment By Default for Python Project. Those are given below.

Note These should run under the shell tab not the console tab.

Command With PipCommand With Poetry
python main.pypoetry run python
pip install package_namepoetry add package_name
python -m venv venvpoetry init
source venv/bin/activatepoetry shell
python runserverpoetry run python runserver

Mostly just add poetry run at first of running script like add this script to runner file of replit.

Click 3 dots in Open Editor of replit and click Show Hidden File and Edit the File Named .replit to given below.

language = "python3"
run = "poetry run python runserver"
# this is for django

Second Solution

Try Installing the alternative virtual environment named pipenv for the installing packages via requirements.txt file.

For Local Environment we add this package like pip install pipenv but for replit online IDE we go into shell tab and then add package by poetry.

poetry add pipenv

# then run below comman to install dependencies from requirements.txt file
pipenv -r requirements.txt

For pipenv Most Commands are already similar you just need to replace the word pip with pipenv. For Activating Pipenv Virtual Environment type pipenv shell

.replit should have something like below run command.

language = "python3"
run = "pipenv install && pipenv run runserver"
# just like given below but upper will work perfectly.
# run = "pipenv run runserver"

This Commands for mostly running outside virtual environment without activating it directly.

Command With PipCommand With Pipenv
python main.pypipenv run python
pip install package_namepipenv install package_name
python -m venv venvpipenv init
source venv/bin/activate && pip install -r requirements.txtpipenv shell && pipenv shell or just pipenv install
python runserverpipenv run python runserver


I Will Suggest You Use Poetry Because It Have Some Features for replit.

  • Faster Installing and file runing process ( compared to pipenv ).
  • Packages are not deleted after opening the repl again on next day.
  • CPU Load was lower Compared to pipenv.
    • I Ran An Package to install dependencies and the package had more than 50 dependencies for debugging home-assistant/core at github.
    • CPU Gone at Overheating but did not cross the line of cpu Usags ( For Me ).

Replit is an online IDE, hosting cloud, collaborative programming environment, and so much more. I've been a user for a while and I really want to voice out what I love about them.

Give a reaction if any one solutions helped you in any way. Bye ๐Ÿ‘‹.

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