Issues Occured While Running Python Project On Replit.

Issues Occured While Running Python Project On Replit.


Mar 19, 2022ยท

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So After Long Time Using the Website I Had Learned How to Use it and Configure it as per My Requirement.

For Those Who Don't Know Replit

It's an IDE Similar to VSCode But It's Online In A Website at which can be used for running any programming projects and most of the programming languages already installed there.


Unable to Run Projects Under localhost or domain.

Details is an website running on server and our project also run there so localhost or obviously never run

First Solution

Change address from, localhost:8000 or to

Example Given Below Also Watch the Second Linked Solution

# from this
python runserver

# to this
python runserver
# or this
python --host --port 8000

Second Solution Linked to First Solution

Mostly You Will Get Issues Because Most Python Web Frameworks Have an Global Value ALLOWED_HOSTS and it contains the list of domain names allowed by the given server

# change allowed hosts from

# To This Hosts


If Issue Still Occurred Directly related to Virtual Environments.

I Will Add That to Next Post and Add the Link To That Post Below Or in Pinned Comment

Give a reaction if any one solutions helped you in any way.

Bye ๐Ÿ‘‹.

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